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The buyer may wonder why they need an attorney if they already have a contract with the seller.  An attorney who practices real estate law will provide the buyer with experienced insight and expertise, giving them peace of mind, during the closing process.

Below you will find specific information on what an attorney should provide the buyer.

- Review the contract and contact the Seller's attorney to ensure the Title Commitment (which discloses all liens & title issues existing on the property) is reviewed.  

- Review all documents prepared by the Seller's attorney for the closing, including the Deed (which conveys the title ensuring that the Buyer takes title in the form best suited for them).

- Review & verify all closing figures from the Seller's Attorney.  These figures will include all expenses concerning the sale & satisfaction of all liens & encumbrances on the property, so that the Buyer obtains clean title to the property.  

- Provide legal advice in any post-contract 
negations, including negotiation of inspection issues.

- Contact UCSD (or the applicable sewer tax entity) to obtain a proration through the closing date.

- Obtain the most recent tax information to prepare closing figures & provide said figures to the closing agent.

- Provide information on the most recent tax assessment for the property & advices on the method & documentation needed to reduce the assessed value (if current assessment exceeds the property purchase price).

- Remain available through email, phone or scheduled meetings to answer any questions throughout the closing process.

- Attend the closing & review all documents presented to the Buyer at the closing.

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