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The seller may wonder why they need an attorney if they already have a contract with the buyer.  An attorney who practices real estate law will provide the seller with experienced insight and expertise, giving them peace of mind, during the closing process.

Below you will find specific information on what an attorney should provide the seller.

- Review the contract and order the title search & commitment from the title company

- Order the pay-off statement(s) from the mortgage companies with which you have loans.  This ensures that pay-off will be acceptable to the lender or title company that is closing the sale.

- Order the letter from the Homeowner's Association or Condominium Association (if applicable) to ensure you receive proper reimbursement for any dues that have been paid covering the period of time after you convey the title.

- Contact UCSD (or the applicable sewer tax entity) & other specific utilities that can place a lien on the property to obtain a proration through the closing date

-Prepare the deed & any other documents required for the closing

-Obtain the most recent tax information to prepare the closing figures & provide said figures to the closing agent.  This also includes communication with the Buyer's attorney to ensure there is agreement on the figures prior to the closing, reducing last-minute negotiations & confusion.

-Remain available through email, phone or scheduled meetings to answer any questions throughout the closing process

-Attend the closing & review all documents presented to the Seller at the closing

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